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Community Access

Community access gives you a chance to get out into the community

Teuila’s community access service is all about getting you out and into the community. This can be as part of a group, for fun social activities like going to the cinema, or to attend different programs and appointments.

Our support workers develop a relationship with you that makes taking trips out into the community a safe and comfortable experience.

Take on fun community-based activities that build independence

Community access takes on such a wide variety of different activities. We might take you to something you participate in regularly, like organised sports, appointments, or school. It might be a fun, once-off activity completed with a group, like a trip to the cinema, out shopping, or to a musical event. 

We love these activities for the positive impacts they have on your life, but we like to make sure these help you build new skills, too. Many of our activities are focused on building new positive experiences and the skills necssary for independence.

Community access has proven benefits for your health & wellbeing

People with disabilities can often feel isolated, and in some cases, they may find their only opportunities to get out of the house involve school or activities with their parents. Community access offers a challenge in a supportive environment, where you can take on something new and exciting. The health and wellbeing benefits that come along with these kinds of activities are designed to be important and feel fulfilling to participate in.

Teuila creates fun & challenging community activities

We want to make sure the community access activities we develop help you build new skills. This might be around socialising, interacting with new people, or practical skills like buying something from the store.

Our team creates fun activities that challenge you. This helps us make sure you are not only enjoying the activity, but are growing and developing throughout it as well.

Why families choose Teuila

A personalised approach

We don't offer a one-size-fits-all community access service. Our team gets a real understanding of you and your needs, and then we find and create custom community activities that you will benefit from.

We create connection

This means creating connection between our team of support workers and you, and helping you find connection within the community around you.

Dedicated to making an impact

At the centre of everything we do is impact. We want to make a positive impact on you, and that is one of our biggest priorities when we provide community access.

A relationship where we can be firm

We understand that entering the community, both by yourself and with a group, can be daunting. We build a relationship where you can trust and respects us enough that we can be firm with you, both to keep you safe in the community and encourage you to take the leap and step outside your comfort zone.

Get the right support

Get started by booking a meet and greet with our team. We can’t wait to get to know you and your family and create a supportive environment for your family to thrive in.