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Senior Support Worker

My full name is Tevita Liku O’hihifo Molitika, but most people know me as “LIKU”. I am one of the Senior Support Workers at Teuila and as Senior Support Workers I have plenty responsibilities that range from:

  • Establishing and collaborating with stakeholders regarding our participates profiles, risk assessments, shift programs & life goals.
  • Liaising and working with our staff members through rosters, training, and shadow shifts.
  • Assessing/investigating incident reports, shift reports from staff members.
  • Check-in with the staff regarding morale, mental-welfare, ideas/activities for our participates.
  • Communicating and building stronger relationships with families & guardians.
  • Creating useful tools such as Visual schedules, Checklist, regulators/activities to be used by our team enabling our participates to reach their goals.


It is now almost 2 years since I began with TEUILA. I have I am currently enrolled at QUT studying a bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science. I have completed my Cert III, IV and diploma in Fitness at TAFE in Southbank. I am in the process of obtaining my Cert III & IV in individual support.

My favourite aspect of disability support is the overall journey and seeing their potential destination. Seeing barriers/challenges our participants face daily; giving them the opportunity to overcome those challenges, knowing that every small step is closer to reaching the greatest version of themselves. Seeing the positive life-changing effect, support workers can have on the families and most of all our participants lives is the most rewarding part and satisfying feeling that no other job could give me.

I am a big fan of basketball and I love playing it with my crew and watching the NBA.

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