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Teuila is a disability support team committed to doing it different.

We’re a disability support team dedicated to helping our participants and their families achieve their goals. But we are a little bit different. Everything we do is guided by best practice principles and the most current advice from important players in the field, like Allied Health professionals, other sector leading disability providers, our advisory board made up of industry professionals and experts and finally our very own participant group. 

We’re always keeping up to date with the latest industry research,  but we’re innovative. We maintain a genuine and authentic team, that’s encouraged to take a creative, intentional, and real approach with you. Importantly, we focus on building a positive relationship with you directly. It’s how we earn the respect we need to have the tough conversations that will help create real, firm support between us that will help you thrive well into the future.

But when it comes to putting these principles into practice and actually working with you to achieve your goals, we take a more personal approach. It’s strengths-based, interests-based, and it’s always approached with serious care for you and your family.

A story rooted in care for our community & dedication to finding a better way.

One half of our founders, Oswin, started his career in the public health system as a multi-cultural health worker. Time and time again, he saw the same story. A family whose child had a disability and struggled to navigate the system. The public system is one that we’re so fortunate to have here in Australia, but, by nature, it’s hard to navigate, and it’s a long process.

Children can take years to receive a diagnosis through the public health system, with referrals stagnating and getting lost along the process.

It results in the parents having to wear all these different hats: you’re a carer, a student trying to learn and understand the system, and you’re trying to diagnose your child outside of the process of dragging them from appointment to appointment.

Parents should be just that: parents.
We wanted to 'build reliable support' to the constant hat-switching parents have to take on.

Once you get through the process, and you finally get that diagnosis ‘and understanding’ for your child, finding the appropriate care is the next hurdle. We’ve met so many families where one parent has had to quit their job, or at least reduce their hours to take on the responsibility of coordinating their loved one’s support because they couldn’t find suitable and appropriate care. 

The first? We make it simple and quick to get the reports, evidence and understanding around your diagnosis, The second? we offer all the allied health services and networks under the one roof. And importantly, we’ll even coordinate the pick-ups and drop-offs.

Our mission is to make seeking diagnosis and the right kind of care as simple as it should be.

The values that lead Teuila's care

Quality of care

The quality of care we provide isn't just in the qualifications of our team or the equipment we use. It's in the personalisation of our care and the unique approach we take to meeting our families' needs.


How our disability support workers connect with you and your child, and how we foster connection between your family and the wider community matters to us. Connection matters in every form.


Disability support, especially for children, needs to evolve and change. We tap into the imaginations of the children we support to provide innovative care and support to help them achieve their goals.


Last, but certainly not least, is fun. This value runs through our participants and their families and within our team. The best way we can add value and help your child reach their best potential is by having fun.

It all leads to our vision.
A world where community comes first and our healthcare system prioritises disability support.

Get the right support

Get started by booking a meet and greet with our team. We can’t wait to get to know you and your family and create a supportive environment for your family to thrive in.