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  • Kade
    Team Leader


    Team Leader

    Kia Ora my names Kade Hobman, I’m a team leader here at Teuila.

    As a Team Leader, I take on a few different tasks:

    • Training Support Workers and shadowing shifts.
    • Creating shifts & rostering our Support Workers.
    • Shift notes & plans for the week ahead.
    • Check-in with the staff regarding mental-welfare, ideas/activities for our participants.
    • Planning respite programs & activities.
    • Assessing and investigating shift reports or incident reports from our Support Workers.
    • Communicating and working with our Participant’s families to achieve their goals.


    I find fulfilment in making a positive impact on the lives of people with disabilities. Providing support and services to enhance the quality of life for individuals facing various challenges. Building meaningful connections, helping with independence, and promoting inclusivity are rewarding aspects of working in the disability.

    Basketball, Rugby & athletics have always been a passion of mine. Spending time with my kids. Whether we are playing games, exploring new activities, or just sharing moments together.

  • Hala
    Team Leader


    Team Leader

    I have been working with Teuila for just over a year now. Starting as a Support Worker, I have moved up in the company in the past few months to become a Team Leader.

    As a Team Leader, I take on a few different tasks:

    • Forming and reviewing client profiles, risk assessments, and shift programs.
    • Creating shifts & rostering our Support Workers.
    • Checking in with our Support Workers and making sure they’re cared for, too.
    • Training Support Workers and shadowing shifts.
    • Assessing and investigating shift reports or incident reports from our Support Workers.
    • Creating documents and tools for our participants like visual schedules, week schedules, checklists, and more.
    • Communicating and collaborating with our families.


    I love getting to meet some amazing people in my role with Teuila. Challenging myself to listen, observe and understand my participants to develop a close bond with them is so important to me.

    Helping my participants set goals and watching them work hard to achieve each of those goals is really rewarding.

    I love rugby league especially supporting the mighty Queensland Maroons!

  • Liku
    Senior Support Worker


    Senior Support Worker

    My full name is Tevita Liku O’hihifo Molitika, but most people know me as “LIKU”. I am one of the Senior Support Workers at Teuila and as Senior Support Workers I have plenty responsibilities that range from:

    • Establishing and collaborating with stakeholders regarding our participates profiles, risk assessments, shift programs & life goals.
    • Liaising and working with our staff members through rosters, training, and shadow shifts.
    • Assessing/investigating incident reports, shift reports from staff members.
    • Check-in with the staff regarding morale, mental-welfare, ideas/activities for our participates.
    • Communicating and building stronger relationships with families & guardians.
    • Creating useful tools such as Visual schedules, Checklist, regulators/activities to be used by our team enabling our participates to reach their goals.


    It is now almost 2 years since I began with TEUILA. I have I am currently enrolled at QUT studying a bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science. I have completed my Cert III, IV and diploma in Fitness at TAFE in Southbank. I am in the process of obtaining my Cert III & IV in individual support.

    My favourite aspect of disability support is the overall journey and seeing their potential destination. Seeing barriers/challenges our participants face daily; giving them the opportunity to overcome those challenges, knowing that every small step is closer to reaching the greatest version of themselves. Seeing the positive life-changing effect, support workers can have on the families and most of all our participants lives is the most rewarding part and satisfying feeling that no other job could give me.

    I am a big fan of basketball and I love playing it with my crew and watching the NBA.

  • Maka
    Roster Clerk


    Roster Clerk

    I’m Maka, and I am a Team Leader providing Roster Oversight at Teuila.

    My responsibilities involve overseeing the roster for all of our Support Workers. In a Support Worker capacity, I provide support to our participants in Respite Care and daily living. My main role is leading our team and supporting our participants to achieve their goals.

    With five years’ experience in Disability Support work, my favourite thing about the role is meeting new clients — no day is ever the same.

    Getting to know our participants on a personal level and seeing the world through their eyes is so rewarding. I love helping our participants achieve goals that may seem small to people outside of the disability support industry yet are a massive accomplishment for us.

    In my spare time I get into gaming and growing my skills as a barber.

  • Liz
    General Manager


    General Manager

    I’m Liz and I bring 15 years’ experience working with children with disabilities. I come from a background in Education, holding a Bachelor of Arts – Education and a Diploma of Education and Care.

    My favourite thing about working at Teuila is creating programs for our participants to reach their life goals. This could be a cooking program to teach them skills in the kitchen or how to follow a daily routine by creating visual templates for their bedroom.

    I find my role really rewarding and love when we are able to keep our participants busy with their weekly program schedules. When our participants are happily engaged in their daily program, this indicates the positive impact we are making in their lives, so this is really important to me.

    In my down time I like getting comfortable in my oodie and playing fun games with my kids and family.

  • Oswin
    Chief Executive Officer


    Chief Executive Officer

    As the CEO, I oversee the overall operations and management of the organisation, ensuring Teuila delivers a high quality service to our participants.

    I have a Bachelor of Business and number of certificate qualifications in fitness, training/assessment and disability.  My background experiences cover child safety (6 years), Preventative Health in Queensland health (8 years) and Community Development (12+ years)

    My favourite part about our work is the journey of growth we get to experience together with our participants.

    I am rewarded when I see our participants achieve or experience things that they never had achieved or experienced before in their lives.

    After a hard day’s work, I love to get active and work out in the gym.

  • Daphne
    Operations Manager


    Operations Manager

    At Teuila, I am the Operations Manager. This means I get to look after Teuila’s day-to-day operations from planning, organising and ensuring staff are ready to roll-out with services.

    I have a Bachelor in Exercise and Movement Science. I am currently studying a Master of Education (Secondary). I have experience in working with children and young people, educating around the importance of healthy eating and moving our bodies.

    My passion is in serving and working together with people to achieve their best – both on a professional and personal level. Being new in the sector, I have enjoyed work together with participants and their family towards achieving goals and trying new things.

    The role brings about a diverse range of skills and opportunities to work not only with participants but their families, caretakers, stakeholders together with a motivated team of Support Workers who want the best for their participants. I enjoy hearing about the success stories of our participants no matter how big or small the goal is, knowing that we’ve contributed to our participant’s happiness is a win for me.

    When I’m not working or studying, I love to chill and play board games with my friends and family.

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