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Join the disability support team with next-level career progression & benefits

The team at Teuila is lucky to be made up of long-term support workers, and we believe that’s a testament to our working conditions. At Teuila, we prioritise a positive working culture, fulfilment, and your wellbeing. 

Roles we hire for



Allied Health Professionals


Unlock employee benefits like health & wellness

Teuila provides a host of employee benefits like health and wellness programs that allow you to make health and fitness a priority in your world or support with financial literacy. You’ll gain access to a range of activities you can take on in and outside of work.

Progress in your career with plenty of opportunity

Access the right professional development and a team that wants to see you succeed. We want to see our team advance at work and in their lives. So, we provide different pathways that offer you career progression.

Make work a fulfilling place to go

We believe a team that can achieve fulfilment is a team that does great work. At Teuila, we prioritise making work a fulfilling place for our team.

Join the team

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