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Find out what activities you can join in on this month

Teuila runs different activities each week of the month. All of our families are welcome to join in on these activities. Come along for a cooking class or to a community outing and meet likeminded families. 

Monday and Thursdays (10am to 12pm)

Cooking Program

Friday nights (5pm to 9pm)

Social Program

Why families love Teuila's activities

A focus on community

Each of our activities is designed to help our participants grow and develop, but they're also really special for creating community. They give our participants and their families a chance to connect and be a part of their community.

Meet likeminded families

The opportunity to meet and talk with likeminded families can be so beneficial. Creating community is so special and it's an opportunity to exchange strategies and feel heard.

An innovative way to learn & socialise

These activities give you an opportunity to take on new and different activities. It's an innovative way to build and develop new skills in a fun, social environment.

Get the right support

Get started by booking a meet and greet with our team. We can’t wait to get to know you and your family and create a supportive environment for your family to thrive in.