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Personal Care

Personal care, personalised to your needs.

Creating and introducing a personal care routine can be challenging. Different disabilities can present unique challenges, and we know that these can be time-consuming to handle. You deserve to live your life — not have to be your own carer, too. Our personal care service is tailored to your unique personal needs around medication administration, hygiene, and other unique requirements you may have.

Personal care that's delivered with the right sensitivity

Our personal care support is designed round your unique day to day activities, medical or disability requirements, and hygiene needs. We understand that handing this care over to someone new can be very sensitive, and there can be anxieties involved with this.

Our support team cares about you, and it’s so important to us that we deliver our care services with the utmost sensitivity and respect for you and your family. You can trust that our team will listen and prioritise your comfort at every stage of our personal care.

The right support that allows you to live your life

Living with a disability often means juggling many roles. One moment you’re navigating the world as an individual, and the next, you’re your own tutor and carer, striving to manage your disability effectively. At Teuila, we want you to focus on living your life fully. We want you to be just that – a unique individual with goals and aspirations in life.  We’re here to shoulder the responsibility of managing your disability, ensuring you are well supported to care for and nurture your personal growth and well-being.

Create thoughtful personal care routines at home.

Through the implementation of visual aids, like routine posters and by understanding your specific triggers and challenges, we create thoughtful personal care routines. We’ll visit your home to implement these routines, set up visual schedules and aides, and then provide training and support for you to thrive even when we’re not there.

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and cared for

Certain disabilities and medical conditions can present challenges in the world of personal care. With highly experienced support workers who have the right training in disability care and support to help you get the care you deserve. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and cared for.

Why work with us

A personal approach to personal care

Personal care can be a sensitive area of the disability support space. We take a personal approach and create routines and different ways of providing this care to put you and your comfort first.

Support for your specific needs

We'll work with you to find out exactly where you require support in the personal care space. In all areas of disability support, but especially in personal care, needs will vary. We're here to meet them perfectly.

We want to empower you

Feeling like you have an element of choice and control in your care and independence to take on personal tasks is so important, even in childhood. Our care has a big focus on your empowerment.

You will have a support network

We'll create a support network made up of two or three key support workers. This way, you will experience continuity of care. By having two or three support workers, we can make sure if one of them moves on, you will still have a team available that you feel comfortable with, and trust.

Get the right support

Get started by booking a meet and greet with our team. We can’t wait to get to know you and your family and create a supportive environment for your family to thrive in.