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Operations Manager

At Teuila, I am the Operations Manager. This means I get to look after Teuila’s day-to-day operations from planning, organising and ensuring staff are ready to roll-out with services.

I have a Bachelor in Exercise and Movement Science. I am currently studying a Master of Education (Secondary). I have experience in working with children and young people, educating around the importance of healthy eating and moving our bodies.

My passion is in serving and working together with people to achieve their best – both on a professional and personal level. Being new in the sector, I have enjoyed work together with participants and their family towards achieving goals and trying new things.

The role brings about a diverse range of skills and opportunities to work not only with participants but their families, caretakers, stakeholders together with a motivated team of Support Workers who want the best for their participants. I enjoy hearing about the success stories of our participants no matter how big or small the goal is, knowing that we’ve contributed to our participant’s happiness is a win for me.

When I’m not working or studying, I love to chill and play board games with my friends and family.

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