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Team Leader

I have been working with Teuila for just over a year now. Starting as a Support Worker, I have moved up in the company in the past few months to become a Team Leader.

As a Team Leader, I take on a few different tasks:

  • Forming and reviewing client profiles, risk assessments, and shift programs.
  • Creating shifts & rostering our Support Workers.
  • Checking in with our Support Workers and making sure they’re cared for, too.
  • Training Support Workers and shadowing shifts.
  • Assessing and investigating shift reports or incident reports from our Support Workers.
  • Creating documents and tools for our participants like visual schedules, week schedules, checklists, and more.
  • Communicating and collaborating with our families.


I love getting to meet some amazing people in my role with Teuila. Challenging myself to listen, observe and understand my participants to develop a close bond with them is so important to me.

Helping my participants set goals and watching them work hard to achieve each of those goals is really rewarding.

I love rugby league especially supporting the mighty Queensland Maroons!

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